Multi-Layered Security System

Safety / Security / Peace of Mind for you and your belongings... it's what you expect from storage facilities, and at Walla Walla Self Storage, it's our top priority.  So we protect our facility and your belongings with layers of state-of-the-art security including:

Computerized Entry and Exit

To enter or exit the grounds at the Mill Creek and Storage Quest facilities each tenant receives a personalized security code to be entered into a lighted key pad. This helps ensure that only tenants have access to the property. The system records all entries and exits.

At Melrose Mini-Storage tenants receive a group code to enter the grounds. Exit is automatic and requires no code.

The Main Street facility has no entry/exit gate.

Advanced lock system

Advanced Lock System

A cylinder style latch is twice as strong as a traditional latch. The locking cylinder is inserted into the door so the lock and latch are nearly flush-mounted with the door. This deters burglary since there is very little lock exposed to cut or tamper with.  This lock system is state-of-the-art for the self storage industry.  The lock itself provides an 11-pin tumbler and offers over 60 thousand different key combinations, which provides much higher security than a traditional lock. Better yet, no lock to buy! We provide you with the lock so you don't have to worry about buying one.

Digital color video cameras

Digital Color Video Cameras

The entire grounds of each location is protected by a network of digital color video cameras that automatically record with any motion. The Mill Creek facility has High Definition video cameras while Storage Quest, Melrose Mini-Storage and Main Street Self Storage have Standard Definition video cameras. Camera notification signs are prominently posted next to each camera, as well as on all entrances and perimeter fencing. This acts as a great deterrent.

Security lighting

Security Lighting

The facility has a network of over 100 metal halide lights (70 watts each), which provide you with plenty of light to safely load or unload your unit. The inside hallways have fluorescent lighting on a timer. Inside each unit there's also a 110 volt ceiling light so you'll have plenty of light to load/unload your property.

Fully fenced and gated

Fully Fenced and Gated

Our facilities are protected by a six-foot metal fence. This helps ensure that unauthorized people don't enter the facility. The Melrose Mini-Storage site also has barbed wire topping the fence.

Police K-9 training facility

Police K-9 Training Facility

We have partnered with the Police Department in providing training facilities for their police drug dog. Periodically the K-9 officer visits either facility and puts drugs used for training purposes in an empty storage unit. The police drug dog hopefully only finds the drugs in the empty unit… this training partnership has proven very beneficial for our tenants as police statistics show that in general most burglaries and thefts occur due to drug problems.