Business/Commercial Storage

Walla Walla Self Storage is your corporate and business off-site storage specialist.  Studies indicate that 43% of a company's records are appropriate for storage and that 18% of office space is occupied by non-productive inventory and furnishings.

What can I store? We can help you free up valuable office or retail space by helping you store items such as:

  • Records
  • Files
  • Furniture
  • Filing cabinets
  • Seasonal displays
  • Sample merchandise
  • Signs
  • Extra inventory
  • Office equipment
  • Even vehicles!

We offer space-saving solutions for retail shops, restaurants, contractors, lawyers, accountants, sales reps, medical offices, manufacturers, government and educational institutions.

With a wide range of units, we've got the right size for all your business storage needs.  Our exclusive mini-units are specifically designed to store your records and file boxes, ranging in size from 16 cubic feet to 36 cubic feet, with prices starting at just $19.95!

Plus, we offer:

  • FREE invoicing!
  • All major credit cards accepted!
  • Substantial discounts for long-term, pre-paid rent!
Business/commercial storage