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Whether you're moving, want to free up more space at home or at the office, or just need a place to keep things for a while, we can help. At any of our FOUR convenient Walla Walla Self Storage facilities you'll have peace of mind with our multi-layered security, maximum protection from the weather, plus unparalleled customer service by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

FREE Local Use Move-in Trailer

FREE local use of move-in trailer

Four Convenient Locations

Feature Highlights

  • High Security Lock System – We provide you with the most advanced lock available, a cylinder style lock, which is inserted into the door so the lock and latch are nearly flush mounted.  This deters burglary since there is very little lock exposed to cut or tamper with.  No lock to buy!
  • Multiple Unit Types – Choice of 4 different protection levels to fit your needs and priorities. Climate Controlled units are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter to protect items against extreme heat and cold. Premium Units are located on inside hallways for weather protection. Easy Load unit doors are wider for easier loading and allow for more access to your belongings than a traditional unit layout. Drive-up units are the most convenient as you can just drive right up to it and load things directly into your unit.
  • Standing Seam Roof – Our roof has no screws through it so your property has maximum protection from the weather.
  • Dust Guard System – All outside accessed units have a system of brushes along the sides and top of the easy roll-up door.  These brushes greatly reduce the amount of dust or dirt that can enter the unit, helping keep your possessions cleaner.
  • High Definition Video Cameras – Each location has a network of digital color video cameras that protect the entire grounds and record with any motion. Camera notification signs are prominently posted as well which acts as a great deterrent. The Mill Creek location has High Definition level recording and the other locations have Standard Definition.
  • Computerized Entry/Exit Gate System* – Each tenant is issued a personalized code which opens the main gate for both entry and exit.  A computer logs all entries and exits.
  • FREE Use of Cargo Trailer – Our customers get the FREE local use of our super handy 5’x10’ fully enclosed cargo trailer for moving in, moving out, or in between.  It has two loading doors and a low deck for easy loading.  Call us for details of use.
  • RV Storage – Our RV storage area has a super wide isle for easy maneuvering of your motorhome, 5th wheel, boat, trailer, vehicle, etc.
  • 22+ Unit Sizes – Our large variety of unit sizes ensures that you’ll get just the right size to fit your needs and budget, without paying for more storage space than you really need… starting at only $19.95 per month!
  • Easy Payment Options – We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards, or even have your payment automatically charged to your credit card.  Plus, we offer discounts for pre-paid rent.